安徽兆仁机械有限公司为韩国兆仁株式会社在华全资子公司,主要从事开发和生产波纹管连接器及其相关装备的专业化企业。子公司成立以来一直集中于丰富的生产和研究经验的高技术开发上,主要产品为汽车用排气管和EGR管,增压器油管、真空Bellows,Valve Bellows,柔性软管,金属丝编,Interlock Hoses及多种装备。先后已与上海通用、上海马勒、上海马瑞利、江淮汽车、长城汽车等国内外主机厂及配件公司建立了合作关系。2008年5月,公司通过TSI6949质量体系认证。以技术优先的精神实现顾客满意,从最初设计到制造及最终顾客满意,管理产品的品质始终如一,所以确信可以对顾客的要求,给予高品质和出色的服务使您们感到满意。

       The Anhui trillion kind machinery Limited company for a South Korean trillion kind joint-stock company in the Chinese capitalization subsidiary company, is mainly engaged in the development and the production corrugated pipe coupling and the related equipment specialized enterprise. Since the subsidiary company was established has concentrated in the rich production and in the research experience's high-tech development, the main product for the automobile with the exhaust pipe and the EGR tube, the pressure intensifier drill tubing, vacuum Bellows, Valve Bellows, the flexible hose, the tinsel arranges, Interlock Hoses and many kinds of equipments. Has been successively general with Shanghai, Shanghai Mahler, Shanghai horse Rayleigh, the Jiangsu and Anhui automobile, the Great Wall automobile and so on domestic and foreign plants and the fitting company have established the cooperation. in May, 2008, company through TSI6949 quality system authentication. Realizes the customer by the technical first spirit to be satisfied, from designs at first to the manufacture and the final customer is satisfied, manages the product the quality to be constant, therefore believed firmly that may to customer's request, give the high quality and the splendid service makes you to be satisfied.