The Huai Nan steady Accounting firm devotes since long in provides includes “examines the capital, each kind of audit, the tax affairs proxy, finance and accounting training and the consultation, the industry and commerce registration proxy, the building cost of projects” for the enterprise and so on specialized, system's coordinated process service, faces each finance and taxation difficult problem for the company to propose the solution. This institute has a high quality disciple personnel troop, can high scale competent each kind of small and medium-sized enterprise need economical service, the multi-people have practice qualifications and so on chartered accountant, senior engineer, construction cost engineer, so far has been engaged in numerous restructuring of enterprise reorganization, capital operation, merger and acquisition conformity, property right transfer, economic accountability audit, the small and medium-sized enterprise year or the interim audit, the capital construction project pre-final accounts audit, and in provides the management consultation, the management plan for the customer, the accounting system design, the financial preparation, the tax affairs proxy and so on the bulk service process, raised has exercised one group of professionals, gained in many valuable experience, already formedA disciple rich experience, the personnel structure is reasonable, the quality high professional contingent, can undertake each type small and medium-sized enterprise audit and the correlation service, the target client involves the industry, the trade, the traveling, the construction, the science and technology and so on many domains. This institute follows the good faith is a book, pays great attention to expire, guarantee service: Insisting the independent objective and fair;
        Abides by the contract for the customer lie doggo, defends trustee's legitimate rights and interests by might and main. Hopes cooperates sincerely with the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise and the friend from all walks of life, carries on the wide-ranging exchange with this profession's in colleagues, take impels China chartered accountant enterprise's development as own duty, makes “steady” the high-quality goods service hand in hand together.