The Huai Nan Lianhua Accounting firm was in November, 1999 cooperates character [1999]1093 by the Anhui Province provincial finance department finance and accounting the number instrument of ratification to set up take chartered accountant as the subject of investment limited liability Accounting firm, the registered capital 300,000 Yuan, legal person representative: Hong Lanyan.

       Mainly from is the audit verification, examines the capital, the year fiscal statement audit, the basic construction pre-final accounts audit, the property appraisal, the economic cases to appraise, the proxy to pay taxes the declaration, the industry and commerce to register as well as to provide accountant the advisory service and so on. In the disciple process, my disciple personnel observe China chartered accountant strictly the occupational ethics, observes the independent audit criterion, insisted that strives for the survival by the quality, strives for the development by the prestige, scrupulously follows independently, objective, fair, the realistic disciple principle, provides the high grade high standard zealously for each kind of enterprise the service, wins the general customers the praise, receives the community the high praise.

       We always insisted that independent, objective, fair principle, take the good professional personal integrity, the unique specialized superiority, the scientific management, the standard operation, wholeheartedly provides the high quality service as the government and the general Enterprises and institutions.